Studio Apartment Interior Design Located In Brazil

Brazil has been recognized for its residential architecture. Part of this success is due to the strength of Brazilian interiors, as many designers in the country have an intelligent understanding and appreciation of materials. Many models sensibly combine rough and raw elements with luxurious detailing, an approach that can be intelligently adjusted to fit a wide variety of customers and budgets

The Studio Apartment Interior Design Living Room
The Studio Apartment Interior Design Living Room

The main idea was to use the space more efficiently in this small 60 square meter apartment. The idea was to bring all spaces together, including the kitchen, living room, and even the guest bedroom, with the inclusion of a sliding door that can close the space for more privacy. The owner of this intriguing home has been a single, practicing attorney for 30 years. The client wanted his home to be designed with a masculine tone and enough circulation space to entertain his friends with the comfort of a large bathroom and a spacious closet. To delimit between the kitchen and the living room, the kitchen ceiling was painted black and the living room received a fresh coat of white paint. In the kitchen, black cabinets, stainless steel appliances characterize the owner, while a yellow dining table in the center of the space breathes life and contrast. In the living room, the TV wall is covered in bricks that extend through the hallway / closet to the bathroom, helping to tie the spaces together. The carefully selected furniture is in harmony with the project, creating a comfortable environment.

A white door leads to the guest room, and a closet runs down the hall, which communicates with the main room. The bathroom also has a touch of brick warmth, which contrasts nicely with the white cabinets and walls. The end result is a masculine atmosphere that flows everywhere without being over the top, creating the perfect environment for just one person. We love the combination of black and white contrasts in this cool studio apartment and what the design looks like in such a small space.

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