Amazingly Designed Bachelors Apartment

Featured here is a three bedroom apartment with some amazing architectural elements located at Darlinghurst, New South Wales, Australia. Darlinghurst located close to Hyde Park and Government offices is a suburb of Sydney. Earlier slum and red light area Darlinghurst has undergone change after 1980 and now emerged as a diverse cosmopolitan community mainly living in apartments or terrace houses. It is connected with other areas through Victoria Street and Oxford Street. Weir Phillips Architects famous for their individual approach while designing spaces has designed this bachelor’s apartment reflecting its owner’s personality. The apartment is designed considering a bachelor’s wild and wacky lifestyle. The living room of this loft apartment has some mind blowing features such as spa and barbeque lounge with retractable roof. A Jacuzzi style pool of water is incorporated in the living room with a transparent top cover. Next to it there is a swing like hanging seat a perfect spot for relaxing. Barbeque grill is set up with an informal eating space. The roof above spa and barbeque section is retractable. It can slide open with a view to sky above. The apartment has a sun roof also for sunbathing.

One side of the spa BBQ is a formal living room designed with modern neutral color sofa, leather ottoman, center table and a beautiful turquoise rug with floral prints. The other end of the BBQ lounge contains a formal dining area with marble top table and funky looking chandeliers. Living area walls are white decorated with contemporary wall art reflecting youthful exuberance of the owner. Other accessories include stylishly designed vases, potted plants, lamp shades and beautifully designed rugs of different shapes. A sleek and stylish floating staircase in the living room leads to bedrooms and home office. Study cum home office is designed elegantly with a lot of storage space.

Master bedroom is designed in minimalist style with a beautiful headboard and a comfortable looking bed. Bedroom floor is covered with a neutral color carpet. Attached bath is designed with wood panels and black granite. Transparent open shelves in glass display toiletries. Guest bedroom opens in a balcony. It is also designed in simple minimalist style. The entire apartment has a feel of youthful energy. It looks a typical bachelor’s abode without any feminine touch. It reflects bachelor lifestyle carefree, not too organized, lots of work out, cocktail parties, full of fun and wild socializing.

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