Building Design with Thematic Apartment Concept

Contemporary thematic architectural concept
Contemporary thematic architectural concept

Following building project was made possible by the integration of two offices almost Architect of Venezuela such as  Morasso architects and Morasso, Seijas and associates. The joint work of the architects Juan Ignacio Morasso (in charge of building design) and architect Dolores Elena Morasso (in charge of interior design) resulted in a piece that fits harmoniously into the urban context and generate a proposal interesting and different for Avenida Las Americas Puerto Ordaz Altavista sector, a main artery of Ciudad Guayana.

Current building project was designed with exclusive thematic architectural concept for the insurance company Seguros Guayana. This building, with almost 5000 m2, is projected on the ground a total area of 3000 m2.

The volume of rectangular shape is located longitudinally faces longest north-south, which favors its location in relation to solar insolation.


The thematic architectural concept  take and advantage of west  area where there is an asymmetric cubic volume with specific functions and town planning gives an answer to the future promenade that will come from the center of the city and proximity sensor generates a break between the two pieces, which serves as access and connecting element between them .

This thematic building architecture consists of 4 levels, including floor and ceiling level visit, which includes the dining area employees and an outdoor terrace for special events and entertainment.

The building has an overhang top perimeter sun protection function along that protrudes slightly above the plane of the glass facade to create an umbrella as shade and solar control.

This overhang located 16 meters also serves to keep the height of the immediate context and align with the surrounding buildings.

images Credit: morasso-arquitectos


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