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What is a studio apartment?

A studio apartment is a newer concept and is rapidly gaining popularity all across the globe, as apartments now wear an expensive price tag. Studio apartments, also known as a bachelor style apartment, efficiency apartment or a studio flat are small and self contained apartment. Efficiency apartment is the perfect term for studio apartment as a single unit of flat contains all the essential rooms found in an apartment without any barrier of walls or divisions.

A typical studio apartment is known to feature an area for sleeping, a living area and a kitchen area. The only separate room with a door in a studio apartment is the bathroom, which is often known to contain a number of closets. The studio apartments are a lot cheaper than the traditional apartments and possess their own distinct benefits and drawbacks.

Some studio apartments are also known to feature half dividing walls in order to separate the sleeping area from the other areas of the house. The half dividing walls are introduced with the intent of providing more privacy to the owner in situations when guests are expected to arrive. Apartments that do not feature dividing walls, in that cases owners prefer to add folding partitions to separate the sleeping area from the other parts of the house. The partitions used are attractive, and hence add to the décor of the apartment.

Besides the inexpensive price or rent, studio apartments are known to have lower utility bill than the typical apartments. This is because the studio apartments are small in size and henceforth, they are efficient. It costs less to heat them and the electricity bills of the studio apartments are also lower because the entire unit may be illuminated with a single light placed in a strategic location.

The only drawback of studio apartments is that they have limited space. Therefore, if a person wishes to store a lot of his possessions then he has to be highly creative in storing the items. Flat boxes that are designed to slide under the box would provide a ready storage solution.  Selection of the furniture and furnishings need to be given proper consideration as one improper selection will make the unit appear cluttered and smaller in size.

To conclude, it can be said that studio apartments are simply smart way of living especially for the future hi tech generation coming up.

Images Credit: Stefan