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Vasastaden Apartment in Chalmersgatan 19 B with Mind Blowing Interiors

Excellent new residence up on the market – Chalmersgatan 19 B, Vasastaden, with mind blowing interiors and superb decor. Even though it looks simple in white furnishing and wall paint, there are hints of bright contrasting colors throughout, making it look stunning. The wooden table and the single round blue rug in the living area just add the finishing touch to the already well designed room. Bold black and grey wall paper on one of the walls adds glamour, charm and lovely contrast to the otherwise White theme. Wonderfully done and classy to say the least.

It’s a very beautiful residence located in a great area, with beautiful surroundings. As for the interior design of this place, there are many interesting and eye-catching details that contribute to the overall impressing image. For example, the ceiling has very beautiful sculpted details that create a very special look. The kitchen is also beautiful, spacious and very practical. The dining area is located close to the kitchen. Furthermore, by analyzing the bathroom you can see that it’s also mainly practical, but also glamorous and stylish with some beautiful details that add a modern touch to the overall design. In the living area there is a very artistic wall, covered with an abstract floral design.

The décor is quite simple, but it creates a solid image in your mind. The bedroom is probably the simplest room of the house. It’s a space reserved for relaxation. There are two windows in there from which you can admire the beautiful surroundings. They also allow the sun to get inside and gently touch your skin, waking you up in the morning.

Images Credit: Chalmersgatan