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Valentin Small Apartment by Emmanuel Combarel and Dominique Marrec

The Parisian architects Emmanuel Combarel and Dominique Marrec transformed a small apartment in a huge living area, featuring a suspended white cube room within the center of the apartment. Placed in the center of the house, leaving a huge space on the floor and a clean area,the suspended room is the best for a small apartments if there  are stalwart.

The area of this apartment is only 50 square metres and the ingenious idea brings it a plus of “chic”, of personality rather than a lot of space. The cube mini room is suspended from the ceiling in the middle of the living room and can be seen from the entrance, from the minute you step foot in this house. So you can’t help wondering “what on earth is that?”

But since the cube is facing the opposite side of the room you can’t see anything and your curiosity and imagination make up a million possibilities and designs for it. The cube normally contains a small bed and a side table or whatever you might need inside, so it’s totally up to you to fill it with whatever you want to. But this is a distinct feature and brings personality and style to a rather average small apartment.

Images Credit: Emmanuel Combarel and Dominique Marrec