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Miel Arquitectos Barcelona Apartment Makeover

Apartment makeovers can be a cumbersome exercise but with some assistance from a specific firm or some great ideas (vividly described) here and there can ease the task. We can always come to your aid by finding the ‘ideas’ we talked about and today we bring to you  a reworked facility by Miel Arquitectos in Barcelona.

The makeover task was dubbed ‘Santpere47’ and though we are not sure what it implies we love the golden lines and the circles which together create and effective design. We also like the introduction of new storage options like the bookcase under the stairs and the direct options on the walls. Another thing which looks effective is the lighting arrangement especially the staircase lamps.

I personally like the bookcase and the way it’s incorporated in the staircase. If you think about it, this is a great way of saving space and it’s also an interesting design with a beautiful image. This apartment manages to combine two different styles. The vintage elements like the ceiling and the sculptures are complemented by the modern furniture pieces.

It’s like there are two different worlds in there, but they manage to coexist peacefully. That’s because even if the base of the ceiling design is vintage, it still has a modern touch. And the furniture is modern, but simple and not exaggerated  I would say that the overall design is creating an artistic image throughout the whole apartment. And it’s nice how the rooms share the same style, even if each one of them is different.

Images Credit: Miel Arquitectos