Penthouse in Moscow by Geometrix

Penthouses are spacious with large windows and plenty of space. I like to say that this function Penthouse in Moscow a very modern look with the latest appliances and furniture. The penthouse is situated in a 57-story building, containing about 1,000 luxury apartments: Triumph Palace, measuring 264.1 meters (866 feet). This penthouse has been designed by a Russian design company, Geometrix.

Contemporary Penthouse in Moscow
Contemporary Penthouse in Moscow

It is a beautiful place. He has plenty of space and interior design is simply excellent. It is a luxury and that is evident everywhere. I especially like the living room. It has a very warm and comfortable. Of course, everything is modern. Each piece has been carefully chosen and the overall image is smooth and beautiful. The walls that define the rooms are also great. It’s a very clever idea and the result is simple and beautiful.
The location is, of course, stunning views and beautiful. Admire the city from up there. It is a rare opportunity to find a place like this. And if you’re lucky enough to have one, you should enjoy every minute spent there. Most interesting is a terrace where you can admire the surroundings and where you can spend a relaxing time with friends.

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