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Apartment With Creative Emmental Stairs

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Biljana Jovanovic Croatian architect has recently designed the stairs very fun and creative for a young family with two young children. To create a modern look, the designer chose to include in the design of a large number of circles and semi-circular pattern. Therefore the final product ended up looking like a piece ofEmmental cheese with all the holes.

Apartment Stairs

Apartment Stairs

This is an original idea and an interesting way to customize your home. But given the fact that this family has two young children, the safety issue is very important inthis case. Although the developer claims that the stairs are very safe, it's hard to believe, especially after discovering that she is used as a toy. That could be interesting and fun, but I would not recommend for families with young children.Prevention is always better than cure.

Apart from that, the design is simply beautiful and fun, perfect for an apartment ormodern house. This is an excellent example of how the basic game, as the stairs can become a striking detail and artistic decoration in itself. So I really find this concept very interesting and modern staircase. However, the security problem could be a problem. But for a young and modern family is a great choice only.

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