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Hyundai’s Kitchen Nano Garden

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The Kitchen Nano Garden by Hyundai Engineering and Construction and Gromo is one such creature. Bronze IDEA Award winner rapid Society 2010 in the category of commercial and industrial product, the Hyundai’s Kitchen Nano Garden promises a realization that has historically eluded them until Mother Nature: a dynamic green, edible garden without the help of sunlight or While the rain. Hyundai’s Kitchen Nano Garden If the prospect just seems wrong some cleverly written, I say the opposite: Nano Garden cooking is very real, I assure you. All you need to (a) is a metal platform cleverly levels, few climate controlled, glass enclosed compartments in miniature of a handful of deliberately targeting lumens, and compared the miracle of the plumbing. The concept owes its realization to Hyunjung Lee, Park Jaeyong, Shon and Changjin Seulki Park (Hyundai), and ill-Woong Kwon (of Gromo) uses hydroponics technology in a more, ahem, so I'm used utility to see.

Kitchen Nano Garden

Kitchen Nano Garden

The key is the degree of user control over the elements usually the unpredictable rain and sun, "the source light, water and nutrients can be controlled, so that users can determine the rate of growth .. . also lets users know when to provide water and nutrients to plants. "and beyond the obvious generosity and showy fragrant basil cress (literally right next to the kitchen, a great help is the reinvention "The water of an apartment," Nano Garden for the kitchen functions as naturally to purify the air, leaving his cramped study that evokes the smell of newly emerged leaves.

Kitchen Nano Garden

Images Credit: fastcodesign


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