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Smart Home Worksapce
Smart Home Worksapce

Apartment Workspace

Smart Home Worksapce

Smart Home Worksapce

A clean Apartment workspace organized and well lit is a must. And what better time to address this problem in your home that the new beginning of a new year! Many of us do not have the luxury of a home office or studio, but that does not mean that we do not create a healthy environment for work at home. Even if you do not work from home, the sculpture is a space for the significant productivity and intelligently focus on specific tasks without distraction.
Images Credit: Jamie and Byron’s Elegant Art Canvas, Joe and Brad’s Small Space with Big Style, Kim and Scott’s Small Footprint, Adam and Daniels “Boclectic Craftern” Loft, Jennifer’s Creative Closet Home Office.
Whether you aim to renew your office or even move into your home, here are some great examples of small space of our visits and why they work.

1. window niche in Jamie studio is an artist, so natural light was an integral part of their work area. A small corner of the main room to gather the best of the light in his house and was the obvious place to paint for them. She loves the comfort of their corner and near the kitchen, where they rinse their brushes. Although precise, this scenario may not be available to all, is the take-away to find a place in your home with natural light and low glare for a pleasant and productive work environment.

2. Multipurpose Workspace Joe and Brads 420 SF home has forced them to get their creative work space in the design. With the help of IKEA Lagan counter top and legs pin they built a desk ideal for a computer workstation. The reception also serves as a dining table as it extends away from the wall and loaded with a few leaves.

3. Custom Casework Wall System Kim and Scott have had a hard time looking for furniture that correspond to the parameters of their apartment. In this case, his office also acts as a guest room, but the wall unit is a great idea to create an open environment in every home. The narrow console provides storage and a decent desk, not to take over the room. During a custom built piece could to get into space, this view is also accessible by the furniture.

4. Office Room dividers For Adam and Daniel Loft living with furniture for the space to define their different functions. They built an impressive room divider that forms a partition between the bedroom and living room. It is not only a work of art (with a jungle atmosphere), but it is a fully functional tablet and desktop.

5. Secret Closet Workspace Jennifer has been a closet in a home office (and theater) to turn into wallpaper inside. This step immediately transformed the space into a room. Without a lot of depth to work with her used the vertical storage for supplies of craft housing and home office accessories. A simple curtain can be drawn to hide the mess when not in use, although in this case, the wallpaper is too beautiful to be hidden.