Teenage Apt

Minimalist Gray Apartment Interior for A Young Women in Bularus

If we are a little worried with the easy dirty white color, gray color is sufficient choice to represent the color white. Gray looks More dimmer than the white color, but it makes shade in the room. Like the minimalist gray apartment designed for a young woman by an architect Vitaly Pavlenko, this apartment has an area of 130 square meters and is located in the capital of Belarus, Minsk.

Thanks to Quite complicated outline of exterior walls rooms are placed in a line on one side of the Corridor. The unusual shape of Corridor walls and room partitions made it an original feature of the interior. Smooth lines characterize this space That created the illusion of a large and spacious living areas. Each rooms has attractive features and elements furniture of the overall room is Italian and French furniture that has a lovely shape and high quality of the two-state fashion.

Images Credit: lui, digsdigs

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