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Spacious modern apartment in Linnaeus town

Livingroom spacious modern apartment

With an area of ​​seventy square meters, this excellent modern apartment is perfect for a family of four. Two large bedrooms, large bathroom, fully equipped kitchen with balcony, cozy living room, large foyer and are the main features of the house. As abedroom is the place where you can relax and recharge, which was very important. A double bed, dresser and a workpiece is introduced into the chamber to be complete. Three separate cabinets that offer sufficient storage place against the lightblue painted walls. Clean and well designed, this spacious apartment is ideal for ...

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Modern Apartment In Retiro Park

apt1 madrid apartment

Located in the Parque del Retiro, Madrid, this modern apartment has a multipurpose room that allowed them to enjoy their activities, whatever they are. For decoration, the majority of white walls and furniture in bright colors like green chairs and cushions the show. The kitchen is very modern and equipped with green and has many storage options. The whole apartment ...

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Minimalist Apartment in Russia by Andrey Gorozhankin

minimalist apartment with vintage elements

After four days in Rome, Italy back more energized and ready to update my blog daily usual.First first want to thank all Sava Loredana inspiration and ideas when I wrote the story was out. I’ll start with this apartment of 80 square meters designed by Andrey Gorozhankin.The minimalist apartment in downtown Moscow, Russia, and was inspired by the Japanese sect ...

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Futuristic Penthouse Apartment in Madrid

futuristic apartment

This house is the best example of how a small space can be used to perform the most amazing house. Every possible space is used to build this beautiful home. This is a perfect combination of intelligent architecture with modern design. The lighting system is also designed so that illuminates every corner of the house and makes it look spacious. ...

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Wilhelminian Apartment in Berlin

Wilhelminian Apartment Berlin with bookscase

Recently renovated by an interior design based BERLINRODEO the Wilhelmine apartment designed for a young family of art collectors and is located in Berlin Tiergarten by the owner of Rio Spree.The chosen to have a platform and a large wall areas of interest reading. There is a perfect blend of modern and traditional to make a good marriage. The most ...

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Amazing Two Storey Apartment in Los Angeles

Amazing Two Storey Apartment in Los Angeles, red box addition jeremy levine

This is probably one of the apartments and the most impressive in Los Angeles. Jeremy Levine is the mastermind behind this impressive structure with unique characteristics. The house is situated on the hill and was given a box like structure. Active and passive green technologies is dominant at home, including passive heat, recycled wood, beams days liabilities, mobile solar shades, ...

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Maff Mini-Apartment in The Hague by Queeste Architecten

Maff Mini-Apartment in The Hague by Queeste Architecten

The Maff Apartment is a stylish Bed and Breakfast designed by Queeste Architecten. Located in the heart of The Hague, the third largest city in the Netherlands, after Amsterdam and Rotterdam, the 322 square-foot apartment is housed on the third floor in the attic of an historic mansion built in 1890. The Maff apartment can be booked all year long from €145 ...

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Beautiful surroundings and apartment

Beautiful apartment

The apartment is elegant and absolutely beautiful done in picturesque settings. The apartment was made taking into account all the details that ensure the apartment is not only fun to watch but also very comfortable for people who live there. The kitchen has black tiles and white walls and is well equipped with all the gadgets. The bathrooms have a ...

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futuristic and Chic Small apartment design idea

The most noticeable aspect about this space is the ample use of the color (Or rather, the lack of it) White on the walls coupled with the pale wooden flooring. Chic and futuristic would be the best way to describe this space. The chic being reflected in the oriental art forms and furniture. The futuristic bit is lent by the ...

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Sao Paolo Apartment Interior Design

Sao Paolo Apartment Interior18

Created by Felipe Hess and Renata Pedrosa in the year 2008-09, the apartment is located in São Paulo in Brazil, the apartment area covers around 140 square meters. Basic objective of the project was turning the 140 square meter apartment with original division into contemporary loft with fluids and communicable open spaces. Original divisions included three bedrooms, living room, kitchen ...

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