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Black and White Apartment Decor

Black and White Living room Apartment Decor

Has been a while since I have no post an article about black and white interior design , now its time for one.Well, black and white the most basic colors if used properly can create dramatic effect and can also give sensational look to your home.This Manhattan apartment use a combination of black and white then white background and black ...

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The high rise apartment in Miami best suited for the youth

The high rise apartment in Miami, balcon

The high rise apartment in Miami with bold modern art and the walls in black portray the perfect blend of the traditional and modern designs. The high rise apartment in Miami is a great place to live. The city is great for the new generation and young couples like this place and will definitely like the apartment because of its ...

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Minimalist 120sqm Apartment in Amsterdam by Hofman Dujardin

Minimalist 120sqm Apartment in Amsterdam by HofmanDujardin Architects

A small home is oftentimes an overwhelming place to decorate, but you can choose to use the minimalist decorating style to make your room feel larger and more open. Choosing your decor may be a little overwhelming, but the time spent finding the right pieces will be well worth your time.Here is minimalist but extremely clean apartment design from HofmanDujardin ...

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Simple Apartment Dining Room Design with Red and White Furniture

Ivory unique white dining room set

Do you dream in your apartment dining room design? Whether a simple design that you want? This is a simple idea to design the dining room by using a unique and elegant furniture. Basic Colors are used to make the dining room looks simple but luxurious impressed. For example, red seats look nice with crome frame, the white color of ...

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Apartment Dining Room Design by IKEA

dining room small by IKEA

IKEA publish a new 2011 catalog online and now it’s time for a full version. New kitchen design and dining room furniture. Last year IKEA publish these ideas separated by rooms. Most popular theme among new design ideas use bright colors this year we’re going to do the same and here are some dining room design ideas for this year. Some of ...

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Some Ideas from Your Favorite Restaurant for Your Kitchen and Dining Room

Restaurant Design for Your Kitchen and Dining Room

  If you want to redecorate your kitchen, maybe you can take inspiration from some of your favorite restaurants. Restaurants usually have good ideas how to decorate kitchen or dining room. For the floor, you may try to decorate it with flunky floor.   You have to choose a contemporary restaurant for the best idea for the flooring. Usually a ...

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Decorating 48 Square Meter Apartment

dining living room 48 square meter apartment

A small apartment can express the personality of those who live with one versatilestyle.For reasons many people choose to live alone, and when it comes to decoratinga space left to the imagination to fly. Each has its own needs, so that housing can be arranged in many ways. This loft has only 48 square meters of total area, but enough to feel comfortable.Thepalette gray and silver used in the decor is quite modern and warmful.The apartmentis an open and divisions almost without space separators. There are different styles of modernity. For example, combines old and new can be very smooth for a ...

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