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23 Square Meter Apartment in Paris called Red Nest

23 Square Meter Apartment in Paris called Red Nest Apt Interior02

From designer Paul Coudamy comes the most fascinating way of preservation of space, through the design of the Red Nest apartment built in Paris. Urban population has made it harder and harder to find the adequate space needed to come up with apartments. 23 square meters of space has been adequately used to come up with a bedroom, a dressing ...

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Loft Hamburg from Graft Adds Modernity to Your Interiors

This Hamburg Loft has added everything to the house making good use of the space by accommodating a wood veneer kitchen, a half bath and some built-in shelves whose surfaces blend immaculately into the wall angles. The loft cost the client $200,000 but it’s worth the price given the warmth this loft adds by using materials like stone and wood. Irregular ...

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Modern London Penthouse Apartment

If you are confused on how to get a good apartment in and around London city which is very well built and designed then there is only one choice. Buy apartments in London like this 2 bedroom penthouse apartment which is at the sixth floor having natural lighting and floors made out of wood and natural stone. The apartment has en-suite ...

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Renovated apartment in Sweden by avhlem

fresh interior design apartment

This spacious apartment is spacious and is located in the residential area calledAnnedal in Sweden and is currently on the market. The apartment was completelyrenovated in 2007 and 2008 he was ready to become a home. At the same time,got a new kitchen and bathroom. The building in which this department also has apatio, so there is some sort of there as a reminder that not everything is concreteand cement in the city. This is a very small apartment. Just a room in the kitchen. It is located in a residential ...

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