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Black and White Apartment Decor

Black and White Living room Apartment Decor

Has been a while since I have no post an article about black and white interior design , now its time for one.Well, black and white the most basic colors if used properly can create dramatic effect and can also give sensational look to your home.This Manhattan apartment use a combination of black and white then white background and black ...

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Minimalist Apartment in Russia by Andrey Gorozhankin

minimalist apartment with vintage elements

After four days in Rome, Italy back more energized and ready to update my blog daily usual.First first want to thank all Sava Loredana inspiration and ideas when I wrote the story was out. I’ll start with this apartment of 80 square meters designed by Andrey Gorozhankin.The minimalist apartment in downtown Moscow, Russia, and was inspired by the Japanese sect ...

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Staircase storage Danny Kuo

Staircase storage by Danny Kuo

The space is very important for all households, especially if you live in a small apartment in which we try to make all of its assets have their own place within easy reach. The smallest and place in a house filled the hall usually because they still need easy access to your shoes and boots, but not enough space for ...

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futuristic and Chic Small apartment design idea

The most noticeable aspect about this space is the ample use of the color (Or rather, the lack of it) White on the walls coupled with the pale wooden flooring. Chic and futuristic would be the best way to describe this space. The chic being reflected in the oriental art forms and furniture. The futuristic bit is lent by the ...

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JSJ Apartment in Portugal

JSJ Apartment in Portugal Apt04

This specific apartment is loaded with all modern amenities and features. You can not imagine that this is the transformation of and outdated apartment into modern high class apartment. In this high quality apartment you will get maximum space and updated features. There are every rooms is well furnished with high quality materials. The bathrooms, kitchens, and halls are well ...

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Dark Apartment Decoration

Obscure, striking paint shades have become more ordinary in recent days and they have moved from kitchens and living spaces to the bedroom.Here is an 1,200 square feet apartment which was designed using black and dark furniture creating a stylish look.Anyway there are some other furniture and decorative elements that catch attention for example the pink coffee table from living ...

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23 Square Meter Apartment in Paris called Red Nest

23 Square Meter Apartment in Paris called Red Nest Apt Interior02

From designer Paul Coudamy comes the most fascinating way of preservation of space, through the design of the Red Nest apartment built in Paris. Urban population has made it harder and harder to find the adequate space needed to come up with apartments. 23 square meters of space has been adequately used to come up with a bedroom, a dressing ...

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Unbelievably Elegant Apartment

When all details are taken care of with extreme care, the result is a sober and elegant house like this. Everything in the house has been done very tastefully and all care has been taken to ensure that everything is of the best quality. The kitchen and the living room of the house are in the central whereas the bedrooms ...

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Minimalistic Apartment Design

This apartment design is a contemporary to the core. This is reflected in the minimalistic design achieved through the use of white color for the walls. It elegantly uses the contrast between the paleness of the décor with the bold colors such as deep red used for the upholstery. The rich wooden flooring infuses a sense of warmth to the ...

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