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Modern Håkan Swahn´s New York Loft

modern loft new york danish rug and sofa

Images Credit: skonahem Owner of a restaurant at 65 East 55th Street New York, Håkan Swahn lives in NewYork from 185 square meters 1987.His large loft has been decorated with modern furniture and some classic Scandinavian apartment was renovated to create a largerecentlly accessories.The Windwos open kitchen for more natural light. Weel as the room was decorated with warm colors and the bed was added a brown leather headboard.The upholstered sofa, chairs and coffee table are from thecollection of Kenneth Bergenblad Spider. The upholstered headboard is soft and warm to create an environment that is full of passion and inspiration.

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Jean-François and Sophie Apartment

vintage apartment james

The apartment and Sophie Jean-Francois is an abundance of colors and vintageJubilee items.Located near Brussels, the apartment combines vintage style with antique furniture, colors and icons design.s real journey through styles and eras.Thedishes six rooms in a row that is also a theater. There are many design objects such as tables and chairs by Jean Prouvé, Krenitbowls, pendant light by Poul Henningsen artichoke and more. This decoration is a vintage fashion trend, as there are beautiful and elegant piecesto suit our modern tastes or find good deals that simply can not be missed.

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Apt Workspace

Workspace in Your Studio Apartment

First: Make sure all the necessities in place for your new home office. This includes a desk or other workspace, comfortable recliner and technical supports such as reliable Wi-Fi. In addition to find parts and service provider for good, you should also think camouflage. Make It Practical Apt Workspace Nobody wants unsightly son, modems and routers, but if every inch ...

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Two Combined One Bedroom Apartments with Mood Lighting

Two Combined One Bedroom Apartments

Space constraints in urban areas have forced mankind to adapt to a limited living space we now so dearly call an apartment. Nonetheless, the smallish apartments can still be an exciting place provided the aesthetics are taken care off. Take for instance these two combined one bedroom apartments which look to spice up life with built-in furniture and mood lighting. ...

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Apartment Workspace

Smart Home Worksapce

A clean Apartment workspace organized and well lit is a must. And what better time to address this problem in your home that the new beginning of a new year! Many of us do not have the luxury of a home office or studio, but that does not mean that we do not create a healthy environment for work at ...

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New York Fifth Avenue 1049 Penthouse Apartment

This penthouse is on the 20th Floor and is located at 1049 Fifth Avenue. The house has 10 rooms with a view of the central park and Reservoir. The house also has four terraces out of which two face the park. The living room of the house is very well done up with a fireplace. The large media room with ...

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A Beautiful Apartment in Nordhemsgatan

The entrance has natural light and the kitchen extremely user friendly and practical. The living room has been made in the most contemporary way and is airy and a perfect place to relax. The bathroom in the apartment is spacious and is the size of a studio. The apartment is spacious and perfect to enjoy the cozy environment of the ...

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Fresh Turquoise Apartment with a Feminine Appeal with Refreshing Color Combinations

the living room is the core of the crib, featuring a large area for socializing

This lovely apartment found on Oscars Mäkleri dazzles the eye not only due to its refreshing color combinations, but also through its overall simple and charming decors. The living room is the core of the crib, featuring a large area for socializing, a small dining table with turquoise cushions, an intriguing looking coffee table and exit towards the balcony. The colored panel ...

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17 Cool Teen Room Ideas

These teen room ideas are photorealistic 3d renders from Spanish designer Sergi. He shows his woks on his blog in order to receive critics about them and to help other to design perfect room for their kids. Such designing isn’t always easy because teenagers are hard to please. Sergi’s works are done in different beautiful but not very contrast colors and ...

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Beautiful Very Small Apartment Design Ideas by Angelina Jolie

Living room-Very Small Apartment Design Ideas by Angelina

Is your apartment very small? You don’t have but a small space and you need to furnish it in practical & beautiful way? Don’t worry, you can do this, take a look on this smart design for a 40 square meter interior it may interests you. The designer used the space very well to benefit from each meter. In only ...

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