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Traditional Swedish Apartment

Beautiful family room Traditional Swedish Apartment

The Swedish people are known as cold, distant, but they all seem to have thesefeatures.All time depends on the nature of people and the way it is a patriotthinking.Swedes people who love their traditions, but also keep up with new technology and modern trends. Here is a traditional concrete apartment, located in Stockholm, Sweden.It is an apartment that combines traditional elements with modern reality. For example, wesee the traditional elements such as lamps, the existence of a chimney or wall paintings. By contrast, in the kitchen, you can see the modern appliances, furniture, stainless steel or things that ...

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Spacious two bedroom apartment for sale

two bedroom apartment

This bright and spacious apartment hotel is located in the heart of Östermalm, very close to both Östermalmstorg and Stureplan, Stockholm.The the apartment is located in a building dating from 1932. This particular apartment was renovated in 2011. Images Credit: esny bedroom The location is really beautiful and very practical. Sitting on 050, Majorsgatan 6, Stockholm, the apartment is close to several restaurants and services. As for theinterior design of the house, the decor is bright and spacious. The apartment has alarge living room with a spacious floor plan. During construction of the best materialswere used. So now the apartment ...

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Benelong Crescent Apartments in Bellevue Hill

Benelong Crescent Apartments

The inspiration for this apartment building in Bellevue Hill, part of the eastern suburbs of Sydney, Australia actually comes from Germany, where the EinsteinTower was built in the 1920’s. It was designed to accommodate a solar telescopeand continues to operate today. I belive these forms inspired by Luigi Rosselli Architects to create straight Tarraccascade.No can be found in its curved and thin lines describe creation.Only Tarracopen plain with a wonderful view of the surrounding area.Although, when lookingacross the street from the falls of large sunny balconies give the impression that every single Tarraco is the same, in fact, every opening of the house has ...

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White Apartment Interior Design by I-Bearn

Ultramodern White Apartment Interior Design by I-Bearn

A good idea is mine-Béarn in the design of an apartment with dominant white color.Non-rule, but all modern white. For this model as an ultra-modern interior design of the White House. The interior is completely the choice of interior colors with white, contemporary and modern look. A wall of white and sweet combined with modern furnishings and white leather couch makes your room look elegant and comfortable. This is an open planinterior of the apartment where the living room, home entertainment centers, offices, an open dining room, lots of cabinets and exhibition of the moving plates, which stood in a large living room. Because white is the favorite to modern contemporarymusic. In ...

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40 sqm Studio apartment renovation by SFARO

40 sqm remodel apartment

Images Credit: archdaily apartment These days it is so easy to just buy a new home. Prices are not so nice, so if you already have a home, it is easier simply to renew and adapt to their current needsrather than buying a new one. Let’s see how this is done. This study is in Tel Aviv, Israel. T an apartment of 40 square meters and the owner needed more space at home could not Afford again so I decided not to renew its place. The renovation was supported by the SFARO ...

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Duplex Apartment Central Madrid

luxury Duplex Apartment in Central Madrid

If you are a type of person who likes the house of contemporary design with asophisticated interior, then this duplex apartment is sure to attract. Built to allow residents to enjoy a comfortable life today, this incredible style duplex apartment is located in central Madrid. With an area of ​​eighty square meters on two floors, the apartment has been designed with a mix and match styles to give the house a unique personality. One side of the house is the kitchen was designed with the theme of the industrialenvironment. Finished stainless steel appliances and kitchen accessories have been ...

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Apartment With Creative Emmental Stairs

Apartment Stairs

Biljana Jovanovic Croatian architect has recently designed the stairs very fun and creative for a young family with two young children. To create a modern look, the designer chose to include in the design of a large number of circles and semi-circular pattern. Therefore the final product ended up looking like a piece ofEmmental cheese with all the holes. This is an original idea and an interesting way to customize your home. But given the fact that this family has two young children, the safety issue is very important inthis case. Although the developer claims that the stairs are very ...

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Amazing Idea for Saving Space in a Small Apartment

small apartment

Christian Schaller is a photographer who lives in Barcelona, ​​in a nice apartment that looks very good now, despite being very small, only square feet, which seems totally inadequate to live, but si9nce Barcelona is a city where European old people have to fight for every inch of space and everything is very expensive. Therefore, most young artists prefer to live ...

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Gorgeous Apartment in Sweden

Vasastan Apartment Two room

Images Credit: Vasastan Apartment What was once a prestigious hotel is now a condominium Vasastan, a suburb of the city of Gothenburg, Sweden. The apartment shows a part of the condominium and is located on the third floor of 1880. The 7965 square foot contemporary home was recently sold and the new ownerscan enjoy their one bedroom, one bathroom apartment. Although space is not very big rooms feel open and bright with white walls and shiny floors. It also has large windows that bathe the home in natural light. In addition, the program is open to the kitchen and dining ...

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Modern Penthouse Apartment in Stockholm

Living room sofa Penthouse Apartment in Stockholm

Images Credit: $1,6 million Apartment Today we would like to introduce a four-star luxury penthouse located on the islandof Kungsholmen in Lake Mälaren, Sweden, part of the city of Stockholm. This brand new loft in the best condition and is sold for about $ 1.6 million. The apartment accommodates three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a lounge that is open to the kitchen and the dining room and terrace. This plant has been carefully prepared with materials of good taste and exclusivity. This home is light, neutral colors create a bright open space. A very important feature in ...

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