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Unbelievably Elegant Apartment

When all details are taken care of with extreme care, the result is a sober and elegant house like this. Everything in the house has been done very tastefully and all care has been taken to ensure that everything is of the best quality. The kitchen and the living room of the house are in the central whereas the bedrooms ...

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Classically Beautiful Apartment With Orange Chairs

The apartment on the second floor has been made very tastefully with the choicest materials. The kitchen and the living rooms have bay windows which ensure there is enough natural light in the house. The house has very gentil ceiling height and stylish stucco along with high skirting boards which give an elegant look and make the style of the ...

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Style and Charm at Their Best

The house is been made very elegantly and is extremely fashionable with all the modern amenities and stylish furnishings. There is a lot of space for socializing in the house as the lounges are very comfortable and are situated in the same line as the dining room of the house. The wooden floor adds a very cosy touch to the ...

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San Francisco Modern Apartment by Craig Steely

This is the second apartment in the day which happens to be located in San Francisco and if not as good as the penthouse apartment we just finished talking about, it is not worst either. The brains behind this work include the famous name Craig Steely and magic is evoked with the use of ‘light ‘walls. This high-rise corner apartment ...

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Beautiful Apartment Modern Gaggenau Kitchen High Times Penthouse

interior kitchen with cabinets and shelves along the kitchens’ exterior walls seamlessly fit into the space

A superbly white structure with gleaming metallic finishes and a sublime slate counter top, this kitchen is easily among the most elegant. The sits a beautiful modern Gaggenau kitchen in the “High Times” penthouse designed by Stefano Vernier. The recessed lighting is perfectly planned highlighting the kitchens best features and causing it to glow. The cabinets and shelves along the kitchens’ exterior ...

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Apartment with stylish furniture and white walls

The house is made with great care and this is why it gets natural light from all three directions. The way the house is furnished adds a lot of class to the décor and the rooms. The kitchen has a lot of space and is very fresh and has complete mechanical support with white windows. The white furnishings and the ...

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Modern and Stylish in White Interior Apartment

White Interior Apartment

The extremely stylish and modern house is made in white and has oak parquet flooring throughout which adds a new dimension to the house. The bedrooms are located in the southern part of the house. The kitchen is spacious and opens into the living room. It has all the amenities that one needs and the white walls make it extremely ...

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Renovation of an Apartment Interior by YLAB arquitectos in Barcelona

Bathroom Interior at Apartment

This project consists of renovation of an apartment interior designed by YLAB Arquitectos in an old building in the heart of the traditional neighborhood of Barcelona. The mind is an integral architectural intervention of a lounge with two main objectives: to maximize the lighting and ventilation of the facade eliminate unnecessary partitions, and to obtain a new distribution that contains ...

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