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Beautiful Apartment Modern Gaggenau Kitchen High Times Penthouse

interior kitchen with cabinets and shelves along the kitchens’ exterior walls seamlessly fit into the space

A superbly white structure with gleaming metallic finishes and a sublime slate counter top, this kitchen is easily among the most elegant. The sits a beautiful modern Gaggenau kitchen in the “High Times” penthouse designed by Stefano Vernier. The recessed lighting is perfectly planned highlighting the kitchens best features and causing it to glow. The cabinets and shelves along the kitchens’ exterior ...

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Contemporary Apartment Track Lighting

Contemporary track lighting

Track lighting is a contemporary style. Your apartment will look good with the lights that decorate the tracks in your apartment. What you get with the track lighting is to help you create a mood that you can not get with other lamps. The advantage is that you get more control over where the light travels. It’s nice to be ...

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Vivid Color Interior New Karim Rashid New York Loft

karim rashid loft

Again! Another cute and colorful apartment loft design by Karim Rashid Loft, we are featured in this today post. The new loft vivid color interior design looks like a comfortable place as home living. This contemporary loft is an embodiment of the bright, wild interior decorating ideas which this modern designer is recognized for. Actually, the entire new designer interior is ...

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Shiny Black Gate Effect, A-Cero Apartment

beam black glazed design-Shiny Black Gate Effect, A-Cero Apartment

A-Cero has been putting the final touches of interior apartment in the city of Madrid, A-Cero has played black and white, gray and adding furniture. A-Cero has added gate of shiny black module in living room, gate has a composition of interesting light on the ceiling, and this makes a modern atmosphere in living spaces. The living room has been ...

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Contemporary 2011 Apartment Beachside Interior Design Ideas

Comfort Marble Interior Beachside Apartment

Check this new 2011 interior decorating trends sample pictures gallery that we are taken from this contemporary beachside apartment interior decorating ideas located in 102 /1 Haig Street, Kirra, Qld 4225. The modern apartment decorating placed in a class all of its own, this haven of luxurious comfort style and sophistication interior design presents an enviable lifestyle with an uncompromisable ...

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Small Apartment Ideas by Tori Golub

small apartment guest room ideas by Tori Golub

For now apartment subdivision is in the interest of many people. Due to the price of vacant land or land and buildings semaki expensive and difficult in the search. Many skyscrapers that stands tough in the middle of a lively city with pollution. But if we do not care about that atmosphere. With various designs have been provided to attract ...

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Minimal Doors and Walls Apartment Designed by Edwards Moore

Minimal Doors and Walls Apartment Designed by Edwards Moore

Reclaimed wood limed, OSB, sisal, ashes of victims and white concrete floor looked very good together. The top level consists of private rooms such as bedrooms and master bathroom. In addition there is the sleeping room which also acts as a small study. The lower level is equipped with kitchen, great storage for books and semi-enclosed balcony that perform as part of the living space. ...

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Modern White Apartment Design by Susanna and Jussi Vento

Beautiful Fine Finish White Apartment Design

The family bought a soft two-bedroom apartment of 660 square meters  in Helsinki Punavuori district. Called  “Finish Fine” took the whole project under $ 4000, but with a lot of DIY Wind and Jussi ideas.Susanna  turnet  a dull floor apartment in a warm, friendly, versatile and clean white. For a contrast we have chosen a heat mat with black stripes  ...

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Apt Workspace

Workspace in Your Studio Apartment

First: Make sure all the necessities in place for your new home office. This includes a desk or other workspace, comfortable recliner and technical supports such as reliable Wi-Fi. In addition to find parts and service provider for good, you should also think camouflage. Make It Practical Apt Workspace Nobody wants unsightly son, modems and routers, but if every inch ...

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Apartment Workspace

Smart Home Worksapce

A clean Apartment workspace organized and well lit is a must. And what better time to address this problem in your home that the new beginning of a new year! Many of us do not have the luxury of a home office or studio, but that does not mean that we do not create a healthy environment for work at ...

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