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Beautiful surroundings and apartment

Beautiful apartment

The apartment is elegant and absolutely beautiful done in picturesque settings. The apartment was made taking into account all the details that ensure the apartment is not only fun to watch but also very comfortable for people who live there. The kitchen has black tiles and white walls and is well equipped with all the gadgets. The bathrooms have a ...

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The high rise apartment in Miami best suited for the youth

The high rise apartment in Miami, balcon

The high rise apartment in Miami with bold modern art and the walls in black portray the perfect blend of the traditional and modern designs. The high rise apartment in Miami is a great place to live. The city is great for the new generation and young couples like this place and will definitely like the apartment because of its ...

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Modern and Stylish in White Interior Apartment

White Interior Apartment

The extremely stylish and modern house is made in white and has oak parquet flooring throughout which adds a new dimension to the house. The bedrooms are located in the southern part of the house. The kitchen is spacious and opens into the living room. It has all the amenities that one needs and the white walls make it extremely ...

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Fresh Turquoise Apartment with a Feminine Appeal with Refreshing Color Combinations

the living room is the core of the crib, featuring a large area for socializing

This lovely apartment found on Oscars Mäkleri dazzles the eye not only due to its refreshing color combinations, but also through its overall simple and charming decors. The living room is the core of the crib, featuring a large area for socializing, a small dining table with turquoise cushions, an intriguing looking coffee table and exit towards the balcony. The colored panel ...

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Benelong Crescent Apartments in Bellevue Hill

Benelong Crescent Apartments

The inspiration for this apartment building in Bellevue Hill, part of the eastern suburbs of Sydney, Australia actually comes from Germany, where the EinsteinTower was built in the 1920’s. It was designed to accommodate a solar telescopeand continues to operate today. I belive these forms inspired by Luigi Rosselli Architects to create straight Tarraccascade.No can be found in its curved and thin lines describe creation.Only Tarracopen plain with a wonderful view of the surrounding area.Although, when lookingacross the street from the falls of large sunny balconies give the impression that every single Tarraco is the same, in fact, every opening of the house has ...

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Gorgeous Apartment in Sweden

Vasastan Apartment Two room

Images Credit: Vasastan Apartment What was once a prestigious hotel is now a condominium Vasastan, a suburb of the city of Gothenburg, Sweden. The apartment shows a part of the condominium and is located on the third floor of 1880. The 7965 square foot contemporary home was recently sold and the new ownerscan enjoy their one bedroom, one bathroom apartment. Although space is not very big rooms feel open and bright with white walls and shiny floors. It also has large windows that bathe the home in natural light. In addition, the program is open to the kitchen and dining ...

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The Newest Trend For The Apartments, Let The Color Get Inside!

It is known that Swedish people are big lovers of big houses. This fact is proven by this modern apartment, decorated with white clean walls. Asides than being huge, this Swedish residence is a modern modality to compile all the rooms from a normal house in one huge apartment. Even if the whole design is based on the white color, the ...

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