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50 The Best Stylish Coffee Tables

Sofa Hanger

Coffee tables are practical to use in living rooms. Thanks to that popularity there are so many creative coffee tables out there that you can’t even imagine. We’ve chosen for you the most modern and stylish of them that we could find. Most of them are so amazing looking that they easily can become the main focal point in your ...

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Stunning Small Apartment Living Room Decorating Design

apartment living room ideas

apartmentholic facility where information on all the needs of apartment and inspiration on house construction. This is a Stunning Small Apartment Living Room Decorating Design. If you want your living room with a flat look especially small ones, maybe you can do things like: Avoid using large companies sofa because the width will narrow down your living room couch. It would be better if you choose a sofa with a length and a minimalist look to your living space. Do ...

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Sectional Sofas Furniture Design Bend by Patricia Urquiola

Sectional Sofas Furniture Design Bend Patricia Urquiola BB Italia White

Comfortable, curved and contemporary sectional sofas for your home living room interior design ideas.Designed by Patricia Urquila for B&B Italia, the sectional sofa Bend transform the traditional concept of the sofa. In fact, Patricia’s has entitled the product Bend sofa due to its curvaceous albeit monolithic form.The contemporary sectional sofas furniture design Bench also give you the appearance of being ...

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Yellow Ruché Sofa Bright by Ligne Roset

decorating with a bright yellow sofa by Ligne Roset

Decorating with a bright yellow sofa can be tricky, but it needn’t only be reserved for thrill seeking design junkies. This yellow Ruché Sofa by Ligne Roset sparks an interesting decorating idea. The styling of this photograph shows how with a certain type of color scheme a yellow sofa can make a statement without screaming at the top of its ...

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Apartment Interior Design and Photos by Stefan Boubil

Apartment Reading Corner Ideas

Stefan Boubil has designed new project for contemporary apartment interior design that located on the 61st floor of the metropolitan tower, New York that really fit for small family with two kids who dwelling this place. White is the only color for this house combined with other stunning colors like brown, blue and red in minor. Living room, dinning room ...

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Luxury Apartment Interior Modern Style by Simone Micheli

cute pink leather sofa apartment furniture

Amazing apartment design!, creative modern and minimalist apartment interior design idea in the small city designed by Simone Micheli , we presented in this sample luxury apartment decorating photos gallery. For those who think that you cannot use many colors schemes to decorate your contemporary house or deluxe apartment without getting a result messy and chaotic, which is why we ...

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Minimalist Small Apartment Interior

Minimalist Small Apartement Interior

This is a small apartment but it has stunning minimalist layout with only 39 square meters was located in  Vasastan/Odenplan area in Stockholm. It was dominated with white as the only color for wall and parquet floor. Woods also applied for furniture like long table in wooden line and dinning table, book case and shelves. There is no separating wall ...

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Amazing Idea for Saving Space in a Small Apartment

small apartment

Christian Schaller is a photographer who lives in Barcelona, ​​in a nice apartment that looks very good now, despite being very small, only square feet, which seems totally inadequate to live, but si9nce Barcelona is a city where European old people have to fight for every inch of space and everything is very expensive. Therefore, most young artists prefer to live ...

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8.36 square meter flat in America

8.36 square meter flat apartment in America

Images Credit: dailymail One of the smaller studies, but small steps in the world, measuring only 8.36 meterssquare and is located in Manhattan, New York.Felicia whome Cohen is living in this small space flat.In 8.36 meters square, Felice has a kitchen, bathroom, dressing room, work room, a games room and a bedroom. Perhaps you are wondering whereare all part of an area almost invisible. Felicia has been renovated inside, so the “space” is suspended beneath the tableand computer. In between are the storage shelves. There is also a mini-mini-kitchen,a place to relax, sofa and TV and ...

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