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Spacious modern apartment in Linnaeus town

Livingroom spacious modern apartment

With an area of ​​seventy square meters, this excellent modern apartment is perfect for a family of four. Two large bedrooms, large bathroom, fully equipped kitchen with balcony, cozy living room, large foyer and are the main features of the house. As abedroom is the place where you can relax and recharge, which was very important. A double bed, dresser and a workpiece is introduced into the chamber to be complete. Three separate cabinets that offer sufficient storage place against the lightblue painted walls. Clean and well designed, this spacious apartment is ideal for ...

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Minimalist Apartment in Russia by Andrey Gorozhankin

minimalist apartment with vintage elements

After four days in Rome, Italy back more energized and ready to update my blog daily usual.First first want to thank all Sava Loredana inspiration and ideas when I wrote the story was out. I’ll start with this apartment of 80 square meters designed by Andrey Gorozhankin.The minimalist apartment in downtown Moscow, Russia, and was inspired by the Japanese sect ...

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Sao Paolo Apartment Interior Design

Sao Paolo Apartment Interior18

Created by Felipe Hess and Renata Pedrosa in the year 2008-09, the apartment is located in São Paulo in Brazil, the apartment area covers around 140 square meters. Basic objective of the project was turning the 140 square meter apartment with original division into contemporary loft with fluids and communicable open spaces. Original divisions included three bedrooms, living room, kitchen ...

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23 Square Meter Apartment in Paris called Red Nest

23 Square Meter Apartment in Paris called Red Nest Apt Interior02

From designer Paul Coudamy comes the most fascinating way of preservation of space, through the design of the Red Nest apartment built in Paris. Urban population has made it harder and harder to find the adequate space needed to come up with apartments. 23 square meters of space has been adequately used to come up with a bedroom, a dressing ...

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Cozy Reader’s Apartment and Small in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

interior desian a living room with modern couch

The apartment has 35 square meters and features a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom. Located in Cluj Napoca, Romania, this cozy crib has a few American influences, due to the fact that its owner spends nine months a year working in Arizona. Initially there was a wall between the living room and kitchen, but it was demounted so ...

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Elegant White Color Scheme for Delightful Apartment and Simple

interior design dining room stylishly decorated with pale walls, white painted wooden floors and rustic brick walls

The unique duplex apartment that impresses due to a simple, but charming white color scheme. When you pass the stairs to the upper level you can reach this apartment’s most interesting spaces. A living area , a dining room and a large bedroom complete the design of this welcoming duplex. Stylishly decorated with pale walls, white painted wooden floors and ...

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Modern Håkan Swahn´s New York Loft

modern loft new york danish rug and sofa

Images Credit: skonahem Owner of a restaurant at 65 East 55th Street New York, Håkan Swahn lives in NewYork from 185 square meters 1987.His large loft has been decorated with modern furniture and some classic Scandinavian apartment was renovated to create a largerecentlly accessories.The Windwos open kitchen for more natural light. Weel as the room was decorated with warm colors and the bed was added a brown leather headboard.The upholstered sofa, chairs and coffee table are from thecollection of Kenneth Bergenblad Spider. The upholstered headboard is soft and warm to create an environment that is full of passion and inspiration.

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Glossy apartment interior design by Melinda Néder

modern apartment designer melinda neder

Today we will look closely at an apartment with very special interior created by designer Melinda Neder Hungary. The apartment is 130 square meters househouse built over a period of one year and a half. When homeowners place theirdemands, there were some things I really wanted: a modern house with a black interior and red and white inserts and silver. The result was this cozy apartment. As for the combination of black and whiteowners requested, had to be changed. Instead, a series of easy to use color was chosen. The owners have accepted the change when they realized it was ...

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Chic and big apartment in Nolita

modern manhattan apartment living

For those who live in New York and others around the world, Manhattan is a kind ofdream world where everyone wants to find a place. Find a place to linger tend to be quite difficult, but certainly not impossible. We managed to see the large number of houses and apartments, a comfortable and bright located in Nolita, an area of ​​Manhattan that we would like to share with you. The apartment is not very big, but it is spacious and it seems quite generous in size.This is mainly due to floor plan. T an open floor plan apartment where the living room, dining room and kitchen are one and the same. In addition, large windowsand contrite in the ...

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40 sqm Studio apartment renovation by SFARO

40 sqm remodel apartment

Images Credit: archdaily apartment These days it is so easy to just buy a new home. Prices are not so nice, so if you already have a home, it is easier simply to renew and adapt to their current needsrather than buying a new one. Let’s see how this is done. This study is in Tel Aviv, Israel. T an apartment of 40 square meters and the owner needed more space at home could not Afford again so I decided not to renew its place. The renovation was supported by the SFARO ...

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