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Beautiful surroundings and apartment

Beautiful apartment

The apartment is elegant and absolutely beautiful done in picturesque settings. The apartment was made taking into account all the details that ensure the apartment is not only fun to watch but also very comfortable for people who live there. The kitchen has black tiles and white walls and is well equipped with all the gadgets. The bathrooms have a ...

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Classically Beautiful Apartment With Orange Chairs

The apartment on the second floor has been made very tastefully with the choicest materials. The kitchen and the living rooms have bay windows which ensure there is enough natural light in the house. The house has very gentil ceiling height and stylish stucco along with high skirting boards which give an elegant look and make the style of the ...

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Apartment with stylish furniture and white walls

The house is made with great care and this is why it gets natural light from all three directions. The way the house is furnished adds a lot of class to the décor and the rooms. The kitchen has a lot of space and is very fresh and has complete mechanical support with white windows. The white furnishings and the ...

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Modern and Stylish in White Interior Apartment

White Interior Apartment

The extremely stylish and modern house is made in white and has oak parquet flooring throughout which adds a new dimension to the house. The bedrooms are located in the southern part of the house. The kitchen is spacious and opens into the living room. It has all the amenities that one needs and the white walls make it extremely ...

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The Charming Three Room Apartment with Vintage Elements and Extreme Space

A large window facing a beautiful garden and a king-sized bed makes this room the optimum sleeping interior of the apartment with Vintage Elements and Extreme Space

Stretched over an area of 93 square meters, the looking at a home that inspires due to its modern design spiced up with vintage elements. This crib may be generous in size, but the feeling that you get when looking at the photos is that of extreme space and neatness, achieved through ingenious arrangements. The living room is large, light and airy, ...

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Mats Gustafson Apartment in Stockholm

Mats Gustafson apartment

As I confessed the love of all that is Swedish, there is no doubt that I love your styleof life, their homes, their thinking and practice of many other fantastic things that they should. My Swedish experience marked my life and I am eternally grateful to mySwedish friends who helped him become who I am today. The pictures in this sleek and stylish apartment in Stockholm remember all thesegreat things in relation to Sweden. The apartment, designed by Fernlund + Loganbelongs to the artist Mats Gustafson and is a place that is characteristic of the northern ...

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The Newest Trend For The Apartments, Let The Color Get Inside!

It is known that Swedish people are big lovers of big houses. This fact is proven by this modern apartment, decorated with white clean walls. Asides than being huge, this Swedish residence is a modern modality to compile all the rooms from a normal house in one huge apartment. Even if the whole design is based on the white color, the ...

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White Apartments in Sweden

It’s known the fact that most of the nowadays Swedish apartments are based on white walls, modern furniture, and lots of empty space. Therefore, this apartment couldn’t have  not respected the trend that has started some time ago in Sweden, especially as it is placed in a Swedish town. Basically, the whole apartment is decorated in white: white walls, white furniture, ...

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