Contemporary apartment interior example

apartment interior pictures
apartment interior pictures

Apartment interior actually did not different with any ordinary interior.  Apartment room arrangement usually was organized by optimizing small room space because apartment interior typically smaller than many house interior mostly. Designing apartment interior is not easy as we imagine but it is not impossible if we understanding the apartment function. The basis to a successful apartment interior design is making it workable. Besides has appropriate function apartment interior also must be designed for comfortable purpose, both physically and mentally. In this article we tries to attending one contemporary apartment interior example picture which the design come in white interior idea. This Contemporary apartment interior attempt to maximizing open plan apartment layout to give specious feeling for apartment occupant by bring natural sunlight inside apartment. White interior has been chosen to reflect natural sunlight which coming trough framed window. In the opposite of apartment window there is a reflective mirror to spread out natural lighting which coming to the apartment interior.  Beautiful views and stunning furniture arrangement inside this white apartment interior are looks like lavish Scandinavian interior which finish in elegant touch. The dining room and living room are bound together creates best social relationship between them.

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