Visual Aesthetics Apartment Design by Robert Janevski

As hope form the lover of photography, art, and visual aesthetics, Robert Janevski, he has design a really fantastic looking of apartment. Here’s the review. The loft of the apartment is 45 m2 and located in downtown of Skopje, Macedonia. He has challenged to get a clean design where the white color is dominating, but he has to make the warm atmosphere of family home is presence.

Robert Janevski is also need to solve the problems how to maximize the functional of its size. Because the apartments height in some parts are under 150 cm, so that it’s hard to do anything on that space. The apartment must have a bedroom, study room, rest room, and living room. He’s allowed to make design that has visual separation of the apartment space.

And as well we expected form the artsy Robert Jovenski, he use different colors. For example, the sleeping space “disclaims” the color red and the relaxing room is using green color. For the desk, he uses the benefit of Glass and light from different directions. Thanks to the white color, it unifies all the spaces of the apartment.

If you see the picture of this apartment, you will think that this is the architect office or designer office, because it’s really modern, and has much beautiful furniture inside and also takes minimal space. Then you’re wrong, because it’s really a house that has four different rooms on 45 m2 space. The bed room is really comfortable. With brownish red wall color, it give you the warm to sleep, and the bookshelf on it is gives different side color for the bed, it’s perfect each other. For the relaxing room as well as the child room, it has green wall color that unifies with relaxing chair, a baby bed, flower, and the black and white picture of a woman. It tells you how to maintain your enjoy and relax moment with your child even in the modern and busy world.

Designer: Robert Janevski


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