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Renovation Apartment by Stanic Harding Architecture

For one or another reason, to certain degree, a complete renovation can also bring some of the most inspiring interior designs to the newly renovated house. This what has been well and properly considered by many house owners these days when they decided to undertake the full renovation project for the whole part of their house with good totally new interior concepts with the help of good architect’s assistance to bring new interior dimension and feelings to the rest of the house. This is very important decision to make by the house owner and have many implication, including temporary re-location for people living in the house until the project has completed. So what is the good example of beautiful house which has been entirely renovated? Here is one good sample for you.

Take for good example of the following apartment which recently undertaken a complete set of renovation for the entire part of the apartment.This apartment is well designed and renovated with close guidance by the architect Stanic Harding Architecture company. There are lights in every corner of this house and this certainly brings new dimension to the entire interior of the house. Light does wonderful things for interior to certain extend.

This three bedrooms apartment, which is well located on the 9th floor of this high rise apartment building was initially not well designed in accordance with the aim to get the house owner more than willing to move back to the city. This is the reason as to why the complete renovation option was taken by the owner own initiatives to get the complete whole new feeling and atmosphere of the newly renovated house to one or another reason.

According to the architect of this complete renovated house, the well plan of this newly renovated house has allowed all major spaces in the house to be able to be connected to the edge of the building and also to all wonderful views over the Harbour, Luna Park and also to Walsh Bay. There are planning options which were previously not possible to become possible with the incorporation of the external balcony and corridor space. One wonderful thing is, in the newly renovated apartment/house, the balcony now served as a dining space with the benefit of outdoor atmosphere. There are many other major improvements too with the complete renovation being done for the apartment or house.

Images Credit: Stanic Harding Architecture


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