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Modern Penthouse Apartment in Stockholm

Monday, September 1, 2014 Manufacture: Apartment Ideas, Apt Decoration, Living Room Designs, Luxury Style
Living room sofa Penthouse Apartment in Stockholm

Images Credit: $1,6 million Apartment
Today we would like to introduce a four-star luxury penthouse located on the islandof Kungsholmen in Lake Mälaren, Sweden, part of the city of Stockholm. This brand new loft in the best condition and is sold for about $ 1.6 million.
The apartment accommodates three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a lounge that is open to the kitchen and the dining room and terrace. This plant has been carefully prepared with materials of good taste and exclusivity. This home …

Finest loft in Birka Town

Monday, September 1, 2014 Manufacture: Apartment Ideas, Apt Decoration
living Finest loft in Birka Town

Images Credit: Birka loft apartment
The loft it an excellent location as it is in the center of the town of Birka, with restaurants, shopping, etc. nearby. The loft is an ideal for a family of five, with twobedrooms, a kitchen and a dining area for six to eight people. The whole house was furnished surprising. White goods are Siemens, fridge and freezer are allGram-turbine cover and Gaggenau. A fabulous workspace was created in the kitchen and the table of hardware work was done on corners robust stainless steel nuts.
White goods are Siemens, fridge and …

8.36 square meter flat in America

Sunday, August 31, 2014 Manufacture: Apartment Ideas, Apt Decoration, Small Space Designs
8.36 square meter flat apartment in America

Images Credit: dailymail
One of the smaller studies, but small steps in the world, measuring only 8.36 meterssquare and is located in Manhattan, New York.Felicia whome Cohen is living in this small space flat.In 8.36 meters square, Felice has a kitchen, bathroom, dressing room, work room, a games room and a bedroom. Perhaps you are wondering whereare all part of an area almost invisible.

Felicia has been renovated inside, so the “space” is suspended beneath the tableand computer. In between are the storage shelves. There is …

Heavenly cozy apartment in Linnaeus Town

Sunday, August 31, 2014 Manufacture: Apt Decoration, Small Space Designs
cozy dining living kitchen apartment in Linnaeus Town

Comfortable accommodation, newly renovated kitchen, high ceilings and a large open space are the main social characteristics of this cozy apartment excellent. With an area of ​​47 square meters, the apartment has two bedrooms, a kitchen, bathroom and living room. All rooms have received the same attention and are well designed.
Two large windows, a comfortable armchair, coffee table smart TV, TV later and arefunctional are important features of the living room that are worthy of mention.
As the lounge …

Decorating 48 Square Meter Apartment

dining living room 48 square meter apartment

A small apartment can express the personality of those who live with one versatilestyle.For reasons many people choose to live alone, and when it comes to decoratinga space left to the imagination to fly. Each has its own needs, so that housing can be arranged in many ways.
This loft has only 48 square meters of total area, but enough to feel comfortable.Thepalette gray and silver used in the decor is quite modern and warmful.The apartmentis an open and divisions almost without space separators.
There are different styles of …