Apartment Interior by Slade Architecture

This Duplex Apartment Interior design was done by Slade Architecture.The guys from company work with the owner of the property to decorate a friendly environment.The entire project was started from the idea that is important for every one of us to be as eco friendly as we can.On last instance the architects choose to combine two existing one bedroom duplex units into one two bedroom duplex.To know that the client( owner of apartment) is a single mother with a young child.

The master bedroom is conceived as a single space containing bathroom and sleeping functions. The vanity floats in the middle of the space and doubles as the headboard and side tables for the bed. The toilet and bath/shower are built into the back wall of the space.The kitchen is designed to be part of the living space with walnut base cabinetry.

All of the storage is located behind full height sliding glass partitions in the daughter’s bedroom. Full height glass partitions and sliding glass doors are used to divide all of the spaces on the upper floor while allowing for abundant natural light and a sense of openness.

A wall of closets separates this master bedroom from the kitchen. The bedroom has a glass partition that allows the user to sleep in privacy; most of the time the bedroom is open to the living room.

Images Credit: Slade Architecture

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