Arsenalsgatan 4A, Kungshojd

Chic residence and nice , quiet locality make this house a granduer to stay in. Simple and elegant furnishing are the USP of this nice small home. Very cozy with top class amenities make it ideal to stay in. The best part is the nicely did up kitchen. The kitchen has top of the line appliances, a small dining area, bulit-in closets and cupboards for storage along with grill and bar. The apartment is themed in White which adds class to the small place. A steel refrigerator looks right at place here. It is just the perfect house for a newly wed couple or a small family of three.

Basic facts
Number of rooms 2.5 rooms and kitchen
Area 69 Sqm
Floor 5 of 5
Operating costs SEK 5,400 / year
Association Brf Vapendragaren in Gothenburg
Fee / month SEK 4,071
Included in the fee Heating, water (TV / Broadband will be added with SEK 257 / month)
The TV and Broadband fee is not included
Balcony Possible possibility for a balcony
Storage room There is no external storage for the apartment
Lift Yes
Energy declaration Not executed
Share 2.0106% 0061 LMV 1501
Building etc.
Building type Multi-family house
Year of construction 1908
Window 3-glass
Heating District heating
Ventilation Contract / Mechanical (exhaust air only)
TV Internet offerings Com Hem
Operating costs
Electricity SEK 3,600 / year
Insurance SEK 1,800 / year
Total operating cost
Comment operating cost SEK 5,400 / year
Standard calculated

The living room is large enough furnished with few furniture helping to increase the space area also.Decorating a room with only necessary furniture and accessory it’s good point, giving the room a fresh air and clean.For the TV system was choosed a simple floor unit with storage option for dvd and other media accessories.

The chairs from dining room are different, creating a vintage accent.The kitchen furniture is lined up on the floor featuring a modern and contemporary look.

Kungshöjd, Arsenalsgatan 4A

Arsenalsgatan – a well-known part of Gothenburg’s city scape. Up here at the top of Kungshöjd is a spacious 2.5a in an extremely charming and renovated condition. Very well planned with generous surfaces, good storage, airy ceiling height, nice wooden floors, tall windows with deep niches and beautiful details such as mirrored doors and radiators with castle knobs. In addition, at the top of a well-managed association with a stable economy. Elevator exist!

Apartment description

Kungshöjd is something very special, like a small untouched oasis in the middle of the city. No bus or tram traffic and a thriving street life along Kungsgatan, a street that now forms a natural walkway between Linnéstaden and the city. Kungshöjd consists of pleasant neighborhood shops, coffee bars and restaurants. Just a detour up from Kungsgatan is Arsenalsgatan.

Simple hall without unnecessary square meters and space for hanging directly inside the door.

Floor: Board floor in original
Walls: Painted white

Spacious living room with large three-air window and plenty of space. Space for a dining area in front of the window area and sofa group as well as additional furniture. Plenty of old details in preserved baseboards, original wooden floors, radiator with castle knob, ceiling moldings and window frames.

Floor: Board floor in original
Walls: Painted white

The kitchen was completely renovated and a new site-built kitchen signed by the local carpentry Stilkök. Stylish and practically designed with recessed mirror doors, marble worktop, open shelf with recessed lighting. Fully equipped with white goods from NEFF and Fjäråskupan. Extra storage in old cold pantry. Also here old preserved details in baseboards, original wooden floors, radiator with castle knob, ceiling moldings and window frames. Entrance to the apartment’s third room in the form of a chamber, charming room with rounded walls and windows to the courtyard. Convenient as a study, guest room or children’s room.

Floor: Wooden floor in old vintage
Walls: Painted

Large bedroom with beautiful window in a quiet courtyard. Here is the opportunity to build a balcony in the long run (Ask the broker for more information). Space for double bed and storage. In the inner hall between the living room and bedroom is the bathroom and built-in storage in the closet. Even here old preserved details.

Floors: Soaped board floors in original
Walls: Painted


Nicely and stylishly renovated bathroom with large gray-tiled tiles on the walls and floor. Wall-hung toilet seat and recessed faucet. Nicely selected interior with free-hanging sink, limestone slabs and foldable shower wall in glass. Washing machine and wall-mounted storage are installed as well as towel dryer.

Floor: Tiles with underlying underfloor heating
Walls: Tiled

Other – The apartment is registered as 2 Rok 65 sqm in the apartment list.

Association description

At the top of Kungsberget with spectacular views of the city and the harbor entrance is this stone property designed by the architect A Bjerke. The house was built in 1908 and acquired by Brf Vapendragaren in Gothenburg in 2006. The buildings’ total living space according to the tax assessment amounts to 3,041 sq.m. and is divided into 40 apartments, all leased with tenant-ownership. The association has two entrances – A and B. Both entrances are equipped with a lift.

For financial management, the association has enlisted the help of Bredablick management.

The association owns its land and will thus not be affected by any increased ground rent.

The property is fully insured with Trygg Hansa, liability insurance is included for the board.

The stair cleaning is outsourced and thus nothing that the residents need to get involved in.

Cable TV and broadband via Com Hem. A basic range of channels is included in the fee. If an extended range is desired, this is regulated individually vis-à-vis the supplier.

The association does not provide its own parking spaces, but residential parking applies in the area.

Legal person is not approved membership of the association.

A tenant-owner may sublet his entire apartment only if the board gives his consent. Tenant-owners who wish to sublet their apartment must apply in writing to the board for consent to the subletting. Each application is processed separately and must be done in accordance with current regulations.

The common yard welcomes you with greenery and plantings during the summer and at the members’ disposal are outdoor furniture and barbecue facilities. In winter, the association lights the stately chestnut tree, which contributes to a wonderful atmosphere.

There is a garbage room with recycling adjacent to the B-ascent as well as a bicycle room and bicycle rack in the yard. The association is a member of Arsenal’s first community association, which jointly manages both the rubbish room and the courtyard.

The association’s laundry room is accessed from the yard and is equipped with two washing machines, dryer, drying cabinet and mangel. It is considered good accessibility as many of the apartments have their own washing machines.

The association’s finances are perceived as stable. The association has a total loan of approximately SEK 21.6 million (SEK 7,000 / sq.m. / Living room). According to the annual report, it has a strong cash position of approximately SEK 1.2 million. The cash register is intended for future maintenance and ongoing measures. In 2017, the association amortized a full SEK 1 million and has generally seen a positive cash flow.

The association is a member of Arsenal’s first community association, which manages the courtyard and garbage room. The association’s share is 40%.

Over the years, the association has carried out renovations and maintenance work. Below is a selection of the renovations that have been carried out in the property in recent years:

2017: Flushing of sewer trunks and OVK inspection.
2016: Repainting stairwells, windows and doors, new smoke hatches, OVK inspection and partial renovation of roof.
2014: Repainting of entrance, replacement of pressure vessels and luminaires entrance B.
2012: Joining and replacement of ceiling fans.
2007: Renovation of facade.
2006: Ventilation.
1991: Pipe and electric trunk replacement.

The association works actively to maintain the property’s good condition and therefore established a maintenance plan that extends until and including 2044. Maintenance takes place against plan and funds are set aside annually. No major renovations planned in addition to ongoing maintenance.

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