Luxurious Rococo Style Apartment Design

Each of us feel like a king or queen in the house of their own. Everyone must follow our desires and we’d have all the amenities you need and the intimacy of a true monarch.

luxurious dining room rococo style apartment
luxurious dining room rococo style apartment

Now everything seems more real than if he had a house like this luxury apartment magnificent Rococo created by architect Igor Gremitsky.Its location in St. Petersburg, Russia, will remind you of the famous monarchs of Russia and its luxurious palaces.
Is a department dominated by the Rococo style and each piece seems to be a true work of art.

Here we want a real king or queen and enjoy all these luxury items such as chandeliers, walls lined with silk, different pieces of furniture or paintings on the walls awesome. Everything is dominated by a golden color and the entire house looks like a precious jewel.

Images Credit: Igor Gremitsky Apartment

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