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The high rise apartment in Miami best suited for the youth

The high rise apartment in Miami, balcon

The high rise apartment in Miami with bold modern art and the walls in black portray the perfect blend of the traditional and modern designs. The high rise apartment in Miami is a great place to live. The city is great for the new generation and young couples like this place and will definitely like the apartment because of its ...

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Ignacia Apartments – Santiago, Chile / Gonzalo Mardones Viviani Architects

Ignacia Apartments - Gonzalo Mardones Viviani Architects

Architects: Gonzalo Mardones Viviani Location: Santiago, Chile Constructor: Salvador Errázuriz Engineer: Alfonso Larraín Project Year: 2011 Ignacia Apartments fuse contemporary design with sustainability. Modern architecture has taken on new dimensions with the designers and engineers seeking to build structures that are self-sustaining. Although not everyone can be able to integrate everything needed for a real building self-sustaining, even small changes ...

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JSJ Apartment in Portugal

JSJ Apartment in Portugal Apt04

This specific apartment is loaded with all modern amenities and features. You can not imagine that this is the transformation of and outdated apartment into modern high class apartment. In this high quality apartment you will get maximum space and updated features. There are every rooms is well furnished with high quality materials. The bathrooms, kitchens, and halls are well ...

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Apartment in Spain

Contemporary Apartment in Spain04

This is a splendor modernized apartment located near the outskirts of Madrid in Spain. The main attraction of the house is the small modern lined furniture and lots of sunshine and natural light which has been allowed to travel into every corner of the house. The house boosts a spacious living room highlighted by sophisticated four small coffee tables joined ...

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Dark Apartment Decoration

Obscure, striking paint shades have become more ordinary in recent days and they have moved from kitchens and living spaces to the bedroom.Here is an 1,200 square feet apartment which was designed using black and dark furniture creating a stylish look.Anyway there are some other furniture and decorative elements that catch attention for example the pink coffee table from living ...

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Minimalist 120sqm Apartment in Amsterdam by Hofman Dujardin

Minimalist 120sqm Apartment in Amsterdam by HofmanDujardin Architects

A small home is oftentimes an overwhelming place to decorate, but you can choose to use the minimalist decorating style to make your room feel larger and more open. Choosing your decor may be a little overwhelming, but the time spent finding the right pieces will be well worth your time.Here is minimalist but extremely clean apartment design from HofmanDujardin ...

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Loft in the heart Apartment of New York City

Loft in the heart Apartment Interior05 of New York City

It is human nature to constantly want something new and make changes.For those who want to rent an apartment in New York City, they should see this one.This New York Apartment features an incredibly stylish kitchen and also offers city and Hudson river views.You can rent the whole apartment for a night or over a longer period.Take a look and ...

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23 Square Meter Apartment in Paris called Red Nest

23 Square Meter Apartment in Paris called Red Nest Apt Interior02

From designer Paul Coudamy comes the most fascinating way of preservation of space, through the design of the Red Nest apartment built in Paris. Urban population has made it harder and harder to find the adequate space needed to come up with apartments. 23 square meters of space has been adequately used to come up with a bedroom, a dressing ...

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Luxury Two Bedrooms Apartment in London

This apartment is one of best among the apartments in London as it is located in the most suitable place in London and that too on the first level. The apartment has two bedrooms and has some luxurious feature that include the wooden and glass floors along private patio, balcony and with integrated sound systems. There is a reception room with ...

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Miel Arquitectos Barcelona Apartment Makeover

Apartment makeovers can be a cumbersome exercise but with some assistance from a specific firm or some great ideas (vividly described) here and there can ease the task. We can always come to your aid by finding the ‘ideas’ we talked about and today we bring to you  a reworked facility by Miel Arquitectos in Barcelona. The makeover task was dubbed ...

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