Modern Contemporary Apartment Indulgence Divine

Divine Indulgence may seem strange as the name for a property, but it is a name that, unlike others, has a deeper meaning. Since the apartment is near Inquisitor’s Palace, the owners have been influenced by this fact and decided to choose a name that is ambivalent, meaning that an indulgence cannot be construed as a satisfaction of achieving something beautiful, if a grant of remission sold by the faithful in the Church at an earlier time. They added the word because the fracture is the way in which the owner considers their home: a slice of paradise.

Divine Indulgence is really just a part of the original building, which also incorporated the neighbor’s apartment and the shop below. The apartment dates back to the Knights of St. John that is awesome. Once the house has gone through a process of restoring order to transform it into a cafe. Unfortunately, the job was poorly conducted and some changes had to be made to take the stage. The owners have also made some changes to make the apartment more contemporary, but keeping some of the original drawings. The furniture has been carefully chosen so that would combine the two styles: modern and historical. This is certainly a unique property and the owners seem very proud to be able to enjoy.

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